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Meet Felicia

Wellness Coach & Certified Public Health Nurse

I started this journey to not only better understand how to help myself balance my personal life, but help my peers.  However, I quickly found the connection that wellness coaching has among all career paths, disease processes, and lifestyle choices.  

I find peace and energy in helping the people in my community find their inner champion, the light within that they have worked so hard on over their years of successes, perceived failures, and everything in between.  I am a licensed Registered Nurse in California with experience in the hospital setting, hospice, and clinics.  Most of my years in nursing have been in the geriatric setting with an abundance of chronic illnesses and co-morbidities. 


The most important thing I want to communicate of that experience is that we are all more than disease processes, we are people with personal goals, achievements yet to be realized, and are capable of making even the minor changes to improve our own perceived quality of living.  Let me walk this journey with you, it will be my honor.

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