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Bright Blossoms

It is such a beautiful time of year. We are a month away from spring and all of it's glory. In this we can reflect on the season(s) preceding or even think of this season now. The cold nights, crisp mornings, some with fog, overcast, heavy rains, wind, you name it. The days can seem long and at times this season brings depression, decreased socialization leading in to a fall in motivation. For many this season may be a barrier in the way of the colors of spring and fun of summer. Winter for some may be the lows of the year similar to the lows of life.

The beauty of this season is that it is the an integral player in formation of the beautiful colors of spring. In the powerful rain as well as wind the trees and bushes are made stronger, the plants store the water, roots dig further in to the ground, and strengthen their foundation for the new season to come. The trials of the winter yield fierce, more vibrant works of art from the land. We too are made stronger in the winter seasons of our life, we brace down for the cold (shoulders), shield ourselves from the frost, build forts to protect us from the heavy rains of our sorrows, snow, and/or strong winds of door slams, the huffing and puffing. We learn and re-learn the importance of using the resources, knowledge, family as well as friends we have to get through this season. In this season, we re-learn that we should not put off cleaning out our gutters or we will be in the rain, on a ladder, trying to save the roof from flooding over from poor preparation. And if you too find yourself out there with your family in a heavy rain, remember to laugh, watch your step, and store that knowledge for next time around. We take this season and the seasons before as the time to build, to put the right tools in our tool shed for the harsh seasons so that we can come out more lively, adventurous, amiable, courageous, efficient, and enchanting,

The beauty of this season is that we, humankind and nature, come together; we stand in awe at the partnership. Let's continue to learn something from one another. Together as a community we can support one another through all seasons of life, bracing the storms with a cup of hot cocoa and heat as well as the bright blossoms with a box of tissue, allergy medication, and a picnic.

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