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The Eye of the Storm

If you have watched enough natural disaster movies or live in an area with natural disasters in the form of storms, you know or could imagine the beauty in the eye of the storm. Every trial and tribulation we go through as individuals create formative memories, that, most of us know. However, we do forget though that in this developmental stage we also create the formative behaviors, qualities, coping strategies and more.

To better understand this concept, I ask you to take a small glimpse in to a storm you have recently experienced. I would recommend for this exercise you pick a small one; for example, car troubles, career setbacks, etc. Take a few minutes to think and/or write down the lowest parts of that trial and what you experienced. Now, here is the best part, reflect on the qualities you gained from that! Persistence, initiative, patience, valor, humility, humor... the list could go on.

In the fiercest part of the storm, we develop the coping mechanisms and formative, quality aspects of ourselves and furthermore, as we start to circle back around in to the last part of the storm, the qualities we formed at the forefront help us get through it easier. Through reflection, self-meditation, trauma therapy, and more we are able to take a holistic approach to reach our goals, to appreciate ourselves more, and somehow appreciate the storm.

May we continue to work together on this journey of life, to live while we are healing, to love while we are healing, learn, and so much more. Onward we sail to the lighthouse, or hey we might be on another trip away from shore. I sure am happy you are willing to take me on this journey.

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