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At Lighthouse Wellness Hub we believe that you are the key to your success.  Our goal is to hold a space for you to set as well as attain your personalized goals at a pace you are comfortable with, and steps you are highly confident you will accomplish at your pace.



Are you not quite sure if we are right for you or which program would best suit you? Schedule yourself for a 15-minute Nurse Health Coach consultation session either in person or virtually. It will give you insight on how individualized our coaching styles will be to you and which services you may best benefit from. If you are low income, the team can make recommendations on assistance programs to allow you to work with us on your goals within your means.  Click here to schedule your consultation appointment via Practice Better.


Nurse health coaching sessions are a dedicated, 1:1 space for you to identify, develop, and accomplish goals that you have personally set out to do.  We, as health coaches, are here to hold a space for you to identify strengths, barriers, action plans, and tools that can help you succeed.  Importantly, success is defined by you, rated by you, and enjoyed by both your coach and yourself.  Your goals are within reach! Click here to schedule your appointment via Practice Better.


Group sessions are a great way to find people with similar goals as you and work together towards accomplishing them.  They can be vague like lifestyle balance or defined like maintaining a Hemoglobin A1c below 6.  Join a group that is already formed or suggest a group, together we will improve our health and the health of our community. Click here to sign up for a group coaching session via Practice Better.


Nutritional Plans

Individualized nutritional plans are available to compliment your goals.  You will need to provide an active list of your medications, food as well as medication allergies, and labs if available.  It is also ideal for you to bring a list of food choices that you dislike and especially those that you like or "cannot live without".



The goal of this page is provide a community of people who have the same goal in mind, wellness.  It does not mean weight loss, gain, maintenance, it is not limited to movement/exercise.  The goal is for overall wellbeing, health, and balance in our lives through blogs, social media, shared recipes, and more. Join the community, contribute to a healthy, inclusive environment.

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