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Meet Felicia

 Wellness Coach and Owner

I am an avid learner, lover of life, and I cherish the times in the darkness as well as light.  I chose this career because we can all improve ourselves in one way or another.  

My goal is to embark on your life's journey, to help you carry out your goals, walk alongside you through the victories and lessons, but most importantly to carry the honor of holding your hand both metaphorically and literally through the good, the bad, the ugly, the darkness, the light, the noise, as well as the silence.  


What I Specialize In

Realistic Goal Formation and Follow Through

Individualized, Healthy Eating Habits 

Chronic Illness Management via Complimentary,  Holistic Medicine

Self Care Reset

Lasting Transformations

Our journey of life begins and ends with light.  It is in times of storms, darkness, and silence that we look for beacons of light.  We can help you shine again.

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